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sharoncenter9 (2) [Avatar] Offline

So I have put in the exact coding for listing 2.2 and made sure the js and css files were being loaded, and then I get an error from the framework as such:

Uncaught Error: [ERROR][Anonymous] Using Ext.Msg without requiring Ext.MessageBox
jesus.garcia (463) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Listing 2.2
yeah, that was a change that occurred after we developed that chapter & listing. Simply adding Ext.require('Ext.MessageBox'); before your onReady will make it work.
sharoncenter9 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Listing 2.2

I found that this made it work, although slightly different than what you suggested:

requires : [ 'Ext.MessageBox' ],
onReady : function(){
'Hello there from Sencha Touch!'

I saw it an another example in the kitchen sink for requiring other classes within a setup.

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kofiaddaquay (22) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Listing 2.2
Hello this is my first post... i just bought the book and was excited about it...only to get my hello world that is not working. before that... i struggled due to lack of direction on how to set a application up. the hello world sample just starts out as "we are going to create a test page" ... where this "test page" will live is not even discussed. is it in the project ... outside... nothing is mentioned. these are little details that make a book great.

I have the v10 and this has still not be updated. i know the book is in progress... but this was spotted all the way in september and still not updated. correct me if i am wrong..but isnt this book due in jan. there are tons of typos...and i am only in the first chapter. sorry this has frustrated me
kofiaddaquay (22) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Listing 2.2
as of chapter 4...things are now beginning to make sense and i am beginning to appreciate the book, but i think the first 3 chapters need simplification. thanks