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I noticed the latest release (version smilie has removed the MVC chapter from the table of contents, and the email states that the final chapter remaining is for packaging and deploying Apps.

Does this mean the MVC chapter will no longer be written? If so, can you recommend a good tutorial, as this is a topic I am keen to understand in more detail.

Many thanks,
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Re: MVC Chapter removed?

I'm going to be going over * a lot * in the last chapter.

Sencha Cmd
Native packaging


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Re: MVC Chapter removed?
That's great news!

I look forward to reading how page navigation (routes, browser history etc) _should_ be implemented in an MVC app smilie

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Re: MVC Chapter removed?
Thanks for the enthusiasm, Kevin. to be honest, I don't have Routes & History added to the application. As it is, it's extremely complicated to explain everything about MVC, Sencha Cmd, Application bootstrapping and how to build apps in one chapter. smilie

I'll see where I am when the chapter is done. I might do a blog post during the production phase and sneak it in the book or something.
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Re: MVC Chapter removed?
Here's a quick preview of the application bootstrap phase diagram and part of the explanation: