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not sure if this is a part for the forums, but I'm going through the book as a user, and could note down when I see typos or problems, and note down when I have code errors.

2.4 - Constructing your first app.
No mention is given to the index.html at the beginning. Are we retaining it from the previous chapter? Stay tuned and we'll make it latter?

class{1}, we extend Ext.dataview.listand setup an
... inside of the of the MainContianer
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Re: Minor typos
- the Xtype of the Component and {number} is an incrementdal number
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Re: Minor typos
The first controller tute in listing 4.1 (4.1.1. Containers Anatomy)

Makes no mention of the boilerplate code you'll need to have the login container run.
The examples in the includes code makes reference to sencha 1.1 include files so maybe it just hasn't been updated yet.

It then continues on with no reference to that boilerplate code to actually test your app as you go.
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Re: Minor typos
Thanks Roach.

We'll be cleaning this stuff up before production. smilie