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I have started using the activiti BPM. Its interesting.
I am able to use activiti user task and i am able to pass input with java program.
Type of input is object (some pojo).
I want to pass the same object using user task but in the designer.
1) How to pass java objects as the input to the user task?
2) Can we map xsd files directly as the input, similar as the pojo, as described earlier?

I do not want to use Service Task for the above mentioned requirements,
as this is the additional thing provided and not described in the BPMN 2.0.

There is another problem which i would like to describe here:
My process would like this:
start -> task1 -> task2 -> task3 -> end
after the process gets started and i have the java object, i would like to set values into that object before completing the task1, task2, task3... etc.


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Re: adding input to usertask using activiti designer

I think a TaskListener would fit for both your questions. You can use a TaskListener to set variables just like you do in a ServiceTask. In addition, if a Java object is available as a process variable in the process instance you can access the value with a value expression in the form property definition of a user task.

No, you can't map XSD files as input. Activiti works with process variables stored in a process instance and this can also be XML objects, but we don't use input or output mappings / data associations.

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Re: adding input to usertask using activiti designer
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