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kevox (1) [Avatar] Offline
As I had just come from the HelloWorld app, the tickbox was still selected and I was scratching my head wondering why I couldn't see the .xib file - or why the layout grid looked a bit different.

When I recreated the project the next time, I unticked the 'use storyboards' box and all is well. Mind you, some of the layout in XCode is a bit different, but still able to soldier along.
bear.cahill (22) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Please advise to untick 'use storyboards' when creating PicDecor project
Hmmm, I have this text in there, but I can see how it would be a little confusing...


Note also the “Main Storyboard” setting of MainStoryboard because you chose to use the Storyboard setting during your app creation. If you hadn’t checked that box, this setting would be empty and you’d have a “Main Interface” setting instead.

The default Main Interface settings would relate to a UI design file with the file extension of xib XIB. Instead, we have a .storyboard Storyboard file in our project. Most of the projects in this book use XIB files for UI design, but you’ll use Storyboard here. Now let’s look at the file and the UI of your first app.
ronzo (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Please advise to untick 'use storyboards' when creating PicDecor project
1) The text you mention was on the 1st project, which DOES use a storyboard. The original post was alerting us NOT to use a storyboard on the chapter 3 project, which does not use a storyboard. I ran into the same problem, but for a different reason,
2) In Xcode 5.0.2, the current version, there is no longer a checkbox to control storyboard use, so you automatically get one. To build the project as in the book, you might have to delete the storyboard, create the main xib, edit PicDecor-Info.plist to delete the storyboard row and add a 'main nib file base name' item, etc. This is more that one might reasonably expect a new iOS developer to manager, no?

I know that a book represents a point in time, but I would hope that the new MEAP style of publishing would allow rapid updates to the pdf and downloadable code to support new major versions of dev tools and os releases.