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Hi Bear,

i tried the very first example of the jQuery radio button example.

<script type="text/javascript">

$('#result').html('The radio element with value <tt>' + checkedValue + '</tt> is checked.');
}); var checkedValue = $('[name="someRadioGroup"]:checked').val();

it worked.i had confusion that how will it resolve if there are multilple elements with the same name as someRadioGroup. for which i added the checkboxes in the html page at the starting with same element groupname as the someRadioGroup. now it resulted in giving the value from the checkbox checked instead the radio. and added the filter of type radio in th jQuery for to work it properly now it returned the value from the radiobutton group.

And My question how does jQuery filter needs to be used if we have the same elementgroupname with the 'someRadioGroup' of type radio is present more than once in the page.