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Following on from my earlier thread I have been trying to convert the example from Chapter 5 to use JSFs.

When I try the command web jsf setup I get the following message

"Command 'web jsf setup' was found but is not currently available (type 'help' then ENTER to learn about this command)"

Are there any additional commands needed to install JSF?

ATM the only options are

web flow web gwt web mvc

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Re: Adding JSF to an existing project
Once you configure a web framework, I've noticed the detection algorithm for JSF makes the add-on become sort of off-limits.

If you want to start from scratch on the web tier, just delete the src/main/webapp directory (BACK UP FIRST OF COURSE) change the POM packaging type to jar, and re-open the Roo shell. You should be able to select web jsf setup.

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Re: Adding JSF to an existing project
Thanks for your advice.

I found that I also had to delete the web folder otherwise ROO automatically recreated all the MVC artefacts. If the web folder is deleted the the web jsf options become available and a JSF web application can be created.

Unfortunately this lead to to discover that the JSF add in doesn't support Finders at the moment.
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Re: Adding JSF to an existing project
I am no fan of JSF on a Spring effort. Roo's support is basic, and relatively less used. If forced, I would go on my own for that and ignore scaffolding etc.