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6a68 (1) [Avatar] Offline
hey guys,

Just read through ch 3, a few things came to mind that you might want to mention:

* on IE, a publisher page in quirks mode forces iframes into quirks mode as well, so they aren't totally isolated from the underlying page.
* might be good to review detecting and working around quirks mode in general
* if rendering inside the publisher DOM, you can avoid conflicts with publisher styles on all divs or all spans by using a custom tag name (like <stork> or <stork-span>, for your camerastork example) and assigning it display: block or inline
* to avoid mixed-content warnings on iframed content, you can just set src="//" instead of "", ditto for img srcs inside the iframe

Overall, good book so far--nice to see this stuff in print smilie


benvinegar (68) [Avatar] Offline
Re: ch 3, couple of omissions
Hi Jared,

You can actually force the iframe to use standards mode using this meta tag (in your iframe HTML src):

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" />

We're adding this to the book in the next edit.

Re: using custom tags, yes, that will help in cases where publishers have hard rules for basic elements (like
  • ). There are a number of other strategies we don't cover – but we opted to just show a handful of them.

    As for mixed-content warnings: we're adding that tip (and some others) to the area on HTTPS. We don't want to assume that everybody has their servers configured for HTTPS from the get-go.

    Edit – not sure what's going on w/ the formatting here. Lousy forum smilie

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