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I've been working through some of the bugs in the samples. Turns out there were more than I anticipated. Some of the examples didn't build because of some typos, which I had thought I'd eliminated.

To that end, I also created a master build pom at the top of the samples, so I won't get hosed by it again. I've updated the source code for almost all of the projects, and I have asked Srini to check the integration and cloud samples as I'm not as familiar with them.

If you update the samples, you can do a :

mvn clean package

from any of the subprojects or chapter folders (save 13, 14) and you will have a build of everything.

I anticipate that all samples will be updated to 1.2.2 (all but 13 and 14 are right now) by the release of the e-book.

If you want the samples now, download them from:


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Re: github sample updates
An update - I just pushed some more changes. Seems chapter 7 forgot the ajax examples. For those not reading the other post about Ajax, I somehow deleted all of the code.

Thanks to gitk and a few hours of pulling things apart, the chapter-07 folder for ajax examples is now working again. I've updated to Roo 1.2.2 and moved it to hsql rather than mysql.

Fetch from github, as shown in the announcement at the top of the forum.