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Hi Authors

A great book full of real world examples of using 3rd party js. However, having had a few quick read throughs, I am not seeing a clear solution to my problem, which I think will be a recognisable use case:
I want a merchant to be able to insert a dom element. I want to use that placeholder to inject/decorate with additional functionality from my remote server. I cannot use sub domains to circumvent the same origin policy as this is intended to be used by many merchants. What is the recommended solution?

In my specific instance, I want to be able to use the dom element to pick up parameters (OrderID) and then manipulate the dom to insert a link that when clicked creates a modal window and fires an ajax request to return content from my server.

Of course, I would not expect a full blown solution, but I cannot see which approach is the best way to resolve this problem (decorate a dom element and retrieve content from a remote server. Security being key)

The book provides several solution, but I cannot see one that is the 'definitive' approach? For instance the chapter on easyXDM is a great introduction, but is this the solution?

I do understand that you cannot cover all situations, but I think it would be good to provide a list of common problems that 3rd party js can solve and a recommended approach? Alternatively a list of real world implementations and why they chose these solutions.

Overall - a really useful read which has increased my knowledge of the problems of developing third party js.

Good look with the book.

Kind Regards

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Re: Recommended Approach
Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback. Glad the book wasn't terrible smilie

I'd be glad to give you some advice, but I'm not sure I completely follow what you're doing. Is this a widget? Is there a version on the web I can see somewhere?

- Ben