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Chapter 2.1
I’m going to start gradually and add I’ll add infrastructure ...
=> I’m going to start gradually and I’ll add infrastructure ... to remove 'add' word

Chapter 2.2.2 (Two tips and a “gotcha”)
As I am PowerShell guy, I used installing IIS from console. Then I noticed that IIS Manager was not installed. Maybe you can make one note that to install it, it's necessary to add also Web-Mgmt-Console (I am using Server 2012 for all my tests).

Figure 2.12
Server 8 to change to Server 2012

Chapter 2.4.2
I like this chapter. To me it looks like good idea and I never used that. Just added it to my toolbox smilie Thanks for that.

Chapter 2.5 (Task 5)
grpahical => graphical
intstallation => installation

Chapter 2.7
Install Windows Server Core for 2008R2 or Server 8
=> Server 2012
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Re: Chapter 2 - File v1
Hey Makovec!

Chapter 2.1 - Fixed

Chapter 2.2.2 - Thank you! Great note....added it as a gotcha.

Figure 2.12 - Fixed

Chapter 2.4.2 - Yea! I'm so glad. I'm hoping there will be more useful insights for PowerShell guys.

Chapter 2.5 - Fixed

Chapter 2.7 - Fixed

Thank you again!