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Hi Jason,
Usually I like to post all my comments to specific chapter (+ file version) to it's own thread. Please let me know if it's OK for you (some authors like one thread for everything). After reading first four chapters I can say I like the book. I work as admin for System Center Configuration Manager and we use IIS so much (and even some troubles with it, sic smilie After first check I already have some idea to bring back to the office. Curious about new chapters smilie Now back to review.

Chapter 1.2.2
You mention to update to IIS higer that v7.0. How about IIS compatibility mode? I understand that never is better, but has IIS 6 compatibility some advantages?

Chapter 1.3.3
Content not available yet but I assume it will come later.

Figure 1.1 & Figure 1.2
You are mentioning Server 8, it's 2012 now (which you mentioned correctly in text)

Chapter 1.4.1 (Building The Domain Controller)
On line three you mention Server 8 instead of Server 2012.

Chapter 1.4.2
WE will turn them ...
=> We will turn them ...
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Re: Chapter 1 - File v1
Makovec! Thank you so much for all the feedback. I will be addressing (and posting back) to each issue in the next few days. I'm getting another chapter ready for heap and then will make the corrections.

I really appreciate your help!

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Re: Chapter 1 - File v1
Hey Makovec!

Soon, within a few days I think a new MEAP will be out. I'm working on updates and wanted to address each of your concerns/quesitons as I handle them.

First, thank you so much of your help. Second, make sure on the MEAP page you signed up to TechReview.

Chapter 1.2.2 - Added sidebar comment about IIS compatibility mode

Chapter 1.3.3 - Yes, more will get content after the labs have been tech reviewed.

Figure 1.1 and 1.2 fixed with correct Server 2012 name

Chapter 1.4.1. corrected

Chapter 1.4.2 corrected

Thank you for your help!