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phenryll (12) [Avatar] Offline
I read the 4 chapters contained in version 1. You said you wanted the book to be excellent, here are all my comments and remarks for chapter 1 smilie

Figure 1.3: "One of the inspirations for the Metro Design Language: wayfinding signs at Seatlle Airport": It is a piece of information that deserves interest. This should be move out of figure and place in a ordinary paragraph.

table 1.1: "Point Sizes". Mention it is x/y coordinates

p. 8: The layout grid & figure 1.3. Providing a figure to illustrate the point is certainly good. But it brings more questions than brings answers and I needed to read the §1.1.4 3 times to figure out what was missing in the figure. In the figure you should illustrate what a unit is (using magnifying glass to zoom in i.e).
You should find a way to illustrate 5*5 subdivision + add a legend/comment (as you do for code listing). Also you should illustrate the metrics 5*20 and 7*20. Trust me it would be helpful for everybody.
The latest line of p. 8: in the figure bold the baseline of a 20 pixel unit + add a legend or comment.
The text Hello world: which level is it? 1, 2, 3 ,4? I cannot say for sure. It looks like 30 pixels high, which doesn't match with point sizes in table 1.1.

§1.1.5. one key central word to me is usability. From Office 2007 onward, windows 7 onward, Metro, it is all about new user experience and usability. That deserves a whole §

p. 13 §1.2.2. bullet point "snapped States": the reader has to deduce what the snapped state size is: 242 px at the minimum I guess. Mention it.

p.14 latest§ "The snapped states brings out an interesting...": it is repetition. Remove it.

p. 15 - 1.2.3 - before latest §: about W8 Metro Design App: are you covering in your book the 3 aspects: the app should work with touch, mouse and keyboard?

p. 16 - 1.3.1 setting up the dev environment: it is enough specific not to be wrapped into an hello world pet project. Add an appendix?

you forget to mention the .NET framework required. I guess it 4.5 and above.

Remind that installing VS 2012 installs the tools/SDK required for working with W8 Metro. Is that the reason why VS2010 will not be supported for W8 Metro dev?

p. 16 - the sidebar "Important": I cannot figure out the meaning of the latest sentence: "it'is a good practice in any case". Are you refering to VHD? If so the sentence referes to something not in the sidebar and makes the meaning not obvious.

p. 19 - latest § of 1.3.2.: "package.appxmanifgest": runtime configuration should be highlighted or take part from "ui details" such as background color, logos, etc.

p. 19 1.3.3 figure 1.9 add a comment (like for code listing) to what to turn on. I have no clue what the text refers to.

p. 24 "what should or shot not be": fix typo

I think you should provide more comments and be more descriptive. It is generally one or 2 words of comments while I expect a short, concise sentence (10 words or equivalent). This is the aspect I the most critical about and deserves lots attention.

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Psychlist1972 (177) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 1 - version 1
Thanks phenryll

Remember, the MEAP is a look at the rough in-progress version of the text smilie

The various editors will help with typos, formatting, repetition, etc. so you can feel free to mention it, but I generally leave it to them.

I'm mostly interested in anything which you consider unclear, incorrect, or otherwise doesn't work for you. Thanks for pointing those things out. I'll definitely work with that feedback in mind.

Psychlist1972 (177) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 1 - version 1
I just sent an updated version of this chapter to my editor. I incorporated a bunch of your feedback, and also fixed the RC breaking change with the code listing. I think you'll like it.

Thanks again.