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I'm Jason and I want to thank you for stopping by the forums. Please feel free to post questions, corrections, advice and funny quotes. I appreciate the help in making this a great book.

Have a great day!

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Re: Welcome everyone!
Hi Jason,
Thank you for your presentation on the PowerShell JumpStart today! I learned a lot. I have been working with PoSh since the beta. I started with the PowerShell Primer manual in v0.9 and got hooked. Now, I have just installed v4.0 Preview.

I was very interested when I found out you were working on this book and I wanted to check it out. I am a Web Admin for the State of South Dakota. I have been for the past several years. I have been using PowerShell to help me manage our Web Farm. I am looking for more ways to manage our deployments and configurations after we lost MS Application Center 2000 as our management tool.

I have been testing MSDeploy and APPCMD and such to help automate the tedious task of creating websites, apps, and virtual folders. What I am finding is too many road blocks from my own IT Administration. They are not ready for Posh. They are happy with Remote Desktop and pointing and clicking and setting their individual servers. Drives me crazy.

We have a mix of WS2K3 & IIS6 (x86) and migrating to WS2K8 & IIS7. We just finished turning off our W2K & IIS5 back in March 2013. WooHoo! But until we get WS2K12 R2 in here, I don't think I will be able to get the Admins to enable Posh and WinRM on all the servers for me. I have to manually enable them and hope they don't turn them off. I am hoping for them to view the JumpStart and change their minds.

We are using Shared Configuration for our new IIS7 servers, but run into issues with MSDeploy, so I haven't been real successful at automating my web farm deployments. We had Microsoft Premier Support send out a consultant to do an IIS Health Check. He didn't seem to understand how we got it all to work. My team and I understand it and are comfortable, but I want more.

I have the Learn PowerShell in a month books by Don and Jeff. When I heard about the IIS, I thought it was going to be all about PowerShell and IIS. Kind of like PowerShell for SQL or PowerShell for Exchange or PowerShell for SharePoint. But I am still interested in what you have to say about it.

Currently, my focus is on our new F5 load-balancer w/Application Security Manager and IIS Security. I use PowerShell to scan my web logs for patterns and activity and make sure the servers are not getting bogged down under load.

I hope I will have something to contribute and share.