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As of EJB 3.0, there are only 2 types of Enterprise Beans.
Pls refer

Note - Entity beans have been replaced by Java Persistence API entities.

However in section 1.2 of EJB3 in Action it says 3 types. (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Types of Enterprise Beans two or three?
Well, yes, but I think it's fairly clear, in the book, that it is not talking about Entity Beans, when it mentions Entities. That link you gave refers to Enterprise Beans and also mentions that Entity Beans have been replaced with the Java Persistence API, which this book refers to as "Entities" (the book also explains that Entity Beans don't exist in EJB3). It is also clear that Entities are not managed by the container but by the persistence provider, so I don't think an update or erratum is needed.