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I've put in practice the awesome hack number 6, with an animation on the childs of a list.
I've noticed that the separators of the list are not animated and are drawn before the animation starts.

Is there a way to animate the separator also, as a part of the child?
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Re: Hack 6 : Animation on separators?
Good question!
I am not sure it's possible but I would try the following:

a) Removing the separator
b) Doing the animation
c) Adding it when the animation finishes

You can also try something even more dirty smilie

Adding the separator to the child's view hiding it depending on the position on the Adapter's getView() method.
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Re: Hack 6 : Animation on separators?
Thanks for your answer!

I managed to do it my setting the divider (not called separator in the docs) to null and adding a line into the child's layout, but I'm not sure I really like the effect it made, so I reverted to the default behavior, which is classy anyway.