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wolfmanjm (9) [Avatar] Offline
The English used in this book is very hard to read, it is full of grammatical errors and bad English. I really hope a good editor goes through and corrects the grammatical errors before it is released.
wolfmanjm (9) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Hard reading
A slight correction is needed.

The earlier chapters seem to have been cleaned up, and do not have too many errors, it is the later chapters (which I started to browse initially) that have the painful to read errors.
wolfmanjm (9) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Hard reading
To who ever edits this book...

The most annoying aspect of trying to read this is that the Author tends to leave out 'the' and 'a' before words that should really be prefixed by 'the' or 'a', I don't know why but it makes reading it very painful.

The first chapter seems to have had these inserted where needed in most cases, but subsequent chapters fall back into leaving them out.

I sincerely hope this book is edited and the appropriate articles are inserted where needed before it is final.

zaarek (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Hard reading
I worked on this extensively and got through all chapters up to 12. I think the author has been working on some other issues of late as we have not had any communications for a while now.

I too find it difficult to read due to the grammar and cleaning it up has been consuming most of my efforts until we stopped work at chapter 12.