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Hi Josh,

Thanks for working so hard on this book, its shaping up to be an essential member of my Scala bookshelf.

I am interested to know how much of the goodness from your 'Binary Resilience' talk at Scala days will be finding its ways into this book (I did not attend Scala days and am looking forward to watching the Skillsmatter podcast when it becomes available).

Maybe you have already covered the essentials already in the book, I see there are a few tips w.r.t. ensuring traits remain binary compatible with future code etc. However seeing that you had enough material to warrant a talk at ScalaDays is it likely that some more of this material might find its way in to the book before release?


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Re: 'Binary resilient' Scala
If there is a second edition of the book, I will be adding a section on binary compatibility, as well as new Scala features and a few other sections I just couldn't get into the first edition.