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Kirk Fleming (2) [Avatar] Offline
I have an file (running XP) that R finds, reads, then spits back with the following:
"File U:/rhome/ contains invalid line(s)
They were ignored."

Doesn't seem to matter what I put in the file, I get the same error. I've tried 3 different editors (Notepad, RStudio and UltraEdit).
I've tried ensured that 1) there is no carriage return, 2) there IS a carriage return, 3) the function return is assigned ("test1 <- ls()"smilie and 4) the return is not assigned.

Regardless of what code I put in the file, the file is read correctly--that is, the error spits back exactly the correct code as-written.

What obscure syntactical or procedural nuance am I missing?
Kirk Fleming (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: R doesn't like any file
This has been resolved, although I don't have a full understanding of why.

Initially, I believe I'd provided sufficient environment variable definition, etc., that R could find the file and open it. However, I don't believe I'd ever actually set the R_PROFILE environment variable in in R as part of R startup.

Eventually, I used R_ENVIRON in Windows XP to point to an file, and within that file, set R_PROFILE to the complete path and filename of This resolved the problem and the executes as expected.