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Hi all, this is my first post. I am a Java developer and as you can see from my signature I am, in general, well versed in Java (not a newbie, in other words). However I still have many many things to study about the Java "universe", especially in the "enterprise" field where currently I don't have a solid background (for example EJBs and Web services).

For this reason, I decided to study the Spring framework, which is a very important topic and also highly requested in the job market.
So I bought from Manning the ebook version of "Spring in Action, Third Edition" and I got for free the Second Edition.

I choosed to begin the study reading the Second Edition, because I would like to start more "from the ground". At this moment I have already read the first three chapters.
I have understood a good 95% of these chapters, there is something I should reread (for example the part about the "auto-wiring") but generally it's well clear to me.
I have developed several small stand-alone programs to test many of the explained topics: the bean "life", scopes, events, property editors, and so on ... and also my own version of the "Spring Idol"!

Now I have to make an important choice: how to continue the reading. The fourth chapter is about AOP but I am really new to these concepts. The Part 2 is about the "Enterprise Spring" and I am not very well versed in this field (in the past I had a minimal experience with Struts and Hibernate).
I would like to jump to the Part 3 which covers the "Client-side Spring", that is MVC and so on. This topic is more close to my knowledges, since I know well the "web components" of Java EE.

To summarize: I would jump to chapters 13...16, then go back to chapter 4 and then to the Part 2. Do you think it's a good learning path?

Thanks in advance. Regards,

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I just study the ?Spring 4.0 in action?,i need your helps. In the fifth chapter,it explain the most simple SpringMVC example, i do it according to the example,but it takes no effect.
I uploaded the code and screenshot to the attachment.
My development environment is: windows7,eclipse,jdk1.8,tomcat7.0.
The SpringWeb project has no problem at run time,but when i visit the home page ,like "http://localhost:11080/project name/",it does not redirect to home.jsp,why? I write the project according to the book's example.
Please help me,thank you.