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i am concerned about this mechanism.

i know why you argue that the wake lock should be static. my concern is that the wake lock is not enough to guarantee that the process hosting both the service and the broadcast receiver is not killed before the service begins its operation. i don't have proof that this can happen, but i read the following excerpt from the droidoc and it scares me.

"Once you return from onReceive(), the BroadcastReceiver is no longer active, and its hosting process is only as important as any other application components that are running in it."

if the service wasn't that important before, then the service and the inactive broadcast receiver don't appear to be all that important now.

would you be willing to point me to some documentation where any guarantees are provided? by the way, i really wish that we had been able to pass wake locks through intents. that would have made me happy.

jonnie savell