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bartelink (1) [Avatar] Offline
Last 2 pages of Palermo preface. The v8 drop does not include them so the page numbers are for the previous drop:

xxii "and OSI-approved" should be "an OSI-approved"
xxiii complimentary should be complementary

in v8 drop:
p4 s 1.1.1 p1 "intermediary language" should be "intermediate language"
p62 s 4.1.2 Third code snippet now returns Content but return type is still string so wont compile (and if it does due to an implicit conversion, the text should discuss that)
p75 moq is normally cased as Moq
p154 s9.1.1 "the templates creates" should be "the templates create"
p173 s9.6.1 "Senior Program Manager" should be "who was at the time a..."
p223 just above listing 13.2 "code the" should be "code to the"
p250 bottom of page "HQL" shold be "Criteria Queries" -- the code is not using (string based) HQL at all so this makes no sense
p254 in code sample, method "static Configuration BuildConfiguration" has a capital R in the word "Return", which would not compile
p302 "the it to" should be "it to"
p377 "premiere" should be "premier"
p395 "viola" should be "voila"

I'd also like to point out that all ObjectFactory-like global monsters are an antipattern which most DI containers now hide and StructureMap should too. Even though it still supports it, your book should not be encouraging and consideration of its use. If Mark Seemann is bored or available, you should get him to read the 1 or 2 DI chapters and give quick feedback. I noted a few lapses into SL thinking which werent correctly flagged but unfortunately didnt note the details.

Hope this helps.