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Chapter 10, the chapter on multimedia needs to be beefed up.
10.2 Audio playback and 10.3 Video playback are way too bare bones to be interesting. Could try to make an app that is a little more interesting (maybe make the video playback in B&W or inverse colors.

As for 10.4, recording audio and video, again same problem. This chapter could benefit from a discussion of the supported formats (internal and external), ability to modify the data as it is written to the display/file (converting to B&W or creating some simple effects on the raw data)

The code examples would be much more concise if they didn't contain overridden methods that just call super. Also, when referring to member variables it is not necessary to prefix them with "this". This is considered a bad practice in most (all) coding standards.

This chapter really should be about twice as long as it is now, far too bare bones.