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Hello World;
I would like to view chapter 1 .
I currently program in HotBasic,
but may also want to learn Python 3.
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Re: How can I review chapter 1 ?
Actually, I don't think you would really want to look at chapter 1, since that's general introductory material...

Chapter 4 outlines the basics of Python and would give you a much better idea of the book (and Python), and it can be viewed here - http://www.manning.com/ceder/

The specific download link is http://www.manning.com/ceder/SampleChapter-4.pdf

I hope this helps and feel free to send any other questions our way!


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Re: How can I review chapter 1 ?
Yes, Thanks, Chapter 4 is what I am looking for.
I tried to learn Python a while back,
but there was no viable Visual GUI Builder.
Is there one now?
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Re: How can I review chapter 1 ?
Uh, yes and no... There isn't one in the same sense that some language packages, like VB, for example, have one but there are various GUI builders depending on the platform and environment you're targeting, with various levels of functionality.

But for the built-in Tkinter GUI widgets? Unfortunately no, there isn't a GUI builder.