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Hi I'm reading the book and in the page 8 you are refering to signavio.
Activiti Modeler A web-based modeling environment for creating BPMN 2.0 compliant
business process diagrams. This component is donated by Signavio,
who also provide a commercial licensed modeling tool, named the
Signavio Process Editor.

Are signavio still alive? becouse I would like to access but when you install activiti online donwload explorer and rest. What is the link to acces to the web modeler?

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Re: Component Modeler - Activiti Signavio
Right, you can still download the Activiti Modeler. The easiest way would be to download it from
And the Signavio tooling is of course also available from

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Re: Component Modeler - Activiti Signavio
Thats fine. I've checkout the code from the site specified in charter 3 of the book. Using this properties in the I have generated the war and now is working properly.

war = activiti-modeler
configuration = Activiti
fileSystemRootDirectory = %ACTIVITI_HOME%/workspace/activiti-modeler-examples

After gen the war. I have copy from the target folder to tomcat folder in hot and works fantastic!!

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