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hubdog (4) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, here are some minor corrections. So far the book is a good read. I can't wait to see the finished product!



Section 2.1, paragraph 1, sentence 2, word 1, "Iif" s/b If (search for: "Iif you’re on a Server Core (Windows Server 2008 R2 or later) system")

Section 4.5, paragraph 3, sentence 1, word 6, "ready" s/b read (search for: "This is generally easier to ready if you have a complicated block of code")

Section 7.1, paragraph 4 (after the bullets), sentence 2, word 5, "contains" s/b containing (search for: "Instead of a sheet contains rows and columns, you have a collection consisting of objects, which have properties")

Section 7.1, paragraph 5, sentence 3, word 3, "nothing" s/b noting (search for: "It’s worth nothing that objects come in many different types")

Section 7.2, note 2, word 7, "version" s/b versions (search for: "Microsoft updates their documentation as new version of .NET are released just be careful")

Section 7.2, paragraph after note 2, Sentence 4, word 10, "dates" doesn't make sense in this sentence, maybe "data" (search for: "A Directory, for example, won’t have some of the dates that a File would have")

Section 7.9, paragraph 1, sentence 1, word 6, "are" remove not needed (search for: "Now we’re going to cover are PowerShell’s core")

Section 7.9, Page 62 after the second import-csv example, sentence 2, "Everything is..." s/b "Everything in" (search for: "Everything is PowerShell is geared to make working with objects easy")