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Nice introduction how to incorporate important extensibility. Steps easy to follow. Clear pictures, except one (see 8.2 - figure 8.smilie. From the text its understandable where to write the code, but knowledge of RobotLegs Framework architecture is an advantage.

@8.1. making money with ad-system

After applying for a google AdSense account.. I have to wait. Aarrrch, should be nice to read from the text, there's a review period which, according to AdSense documentation, can take up to a week.

page 241: sentence "With this code complete our advertisement is included in our application ...": could be nice to see a graphics (screenshot) of the result.

@8.2 native extensions

Steps easy to follow and to implement (maybe too easy).

Sentence just above figure 8.8:

"Before moving forward ... and have the following file (see Figure 8.smilie."

could be more clear with:

"Before moving forward ... and have the com.adobe.extension.Vibration.ane file (see Figure 8.smilie."

Figure 8.8 contains an irrelevant and confusing file ".DS Store" (Mac-only file). Also, at least for me, it is not clear is what to do with the file "VibrationActionScriptLibrary.swc", Granted, you did not mention it in the text, but should it? Is figure 8.8 relevant if only the ANE-file is important?

page 244 integrate in Application Descriptor: you have the sentence:

"Typically Flash Builder will automatically add in the <extension> ..."

It is much more clear if at this point the text refers to the checkbox setting in figure 8.10 ("Update all application descriptors").

8.2.2 using the native extension

Nice basic introduction of using an ANE. Steps are clear. I just wander, if the Vibration ANE was not too easy.

To me, it makes much more sense to know there is a general set of code lines to use an ANE extension, and then an applied sample. I've seen something like it in the Adobe documentation of using an ANE extension.

Nice to see, in this case to feel, the code works.

Are there any special instructions to deploy an application which uses ANE extensions? I tested the application on an Android device via the USB, and that works just fine. However, deployment via a market place or app store might be another story.

@8.3 useful user tracking

Sideline: "I love statistics! Where can I learn more?" A promising question, but the answer was ... "google". Aarrch, Could you mention at least some (personal) references? I do not understand what the text tries to learn me.

@8.4 Summary:
The sequence of the key takeways should be grouped together according to subject:
* Make money with ...
* Using a StageWebView to display an ad
* ....


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Re: chapter 8 Meap final version 02-2012 - remarks
This is just a quick note to make sure you know I got the message and am working on another round of proofing now where I will incorporate your thoughts. Sorry for the late reply.