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don.jones (21) [Avatar] Offline
A few notes before you post...

1. Please post CHAPTER and SECTION numbers, not page numbers. The page numbers you see won't even remotely correspond with the Word docs we're working in.

2. Please understand that PowerShell v3 is still pre-release. Some chapters you're reading may have been written against an earlier build than what's out there now. We already know we have to do a final clean-up pass after v3 actually ships - but we will NOT be doing interim passes for every CTP build that comes out. So no need to point out that stuff.

3. That said, feel free to point out if we seem to have missed some new feature or tweak or something. We might have, and we want to get it in the book!

4. The book is targeted at PowerShell v3. We know we don't have any setup instructions for that - we'll be adding that to Ch 1 after v3 ships and we know what the setup situation actually looks like. For now, you're on your own. Google is your friend smilie.

5. The book IS NOT A TUTORIAL. It assumes you've already learned the basics (I humbly recommend "Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches" for that), and that you're looking for a REFERENCE. This book is the reference - it's intended to cover everything that PowerShell can do from an administrative (e.g., not a developer) perspective. So this book isn't organized around a storyline; it's organized around PowerShell functional areas. One thing we haven't written (because it's done last) is the book's "front matter" which explains all this... so I'm kinda briefly laying it out here.

6. This book IS NOT A COOKBOOK. It isn't intended to teach you how to create new users or set up mailboxes or back up databases. This book is a reference to PowerShell itself - all the things PowerShell is and does. While we try to use "real-world" examples, everyone's definition of "real-world" is different. Exchange guys don't find AD examples to be terribly real-world, and SharePoint guys don't want to see Exchange examples. So we, by and large, try to stick with core Windows OS examples, which should be common to everyone. The point is that they are EXAMPLES of TECHNIQUES - we're hoping people can take the examples, along with our explanations, and apply the techniques to their own needs. It's the techniques that are meant to be useful, not the illustrations. The illustrations are just meant to better explain the technique, which is the whole goal. If this isn't coming across somewhere, please... let us know so we can fix it!