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billwright (10) [Avatar] Offline
When I try to run the example from the source code, I get this error:

iMac27:Ruby bwright$ ruby helloMacRuby.rb
helloMacRuby.rb:3: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting kDO_BLOCK
...SResizableWindowMask, backing: NSBackingStoreBuffered, defer...

The file looks like this:

framework 'cocoa'
app = NSApplication.sharedApplication
win = NSWindow.alloc.initWithContentRect([300,500,400,200], styleMask:NSTitledWindowMask | NSClosableWindowMask | NSMiniaturizableWindowMask | NSResizableWindowMask, backing: NSBackingStoreBuffered, defer:false)

I'm running OS X Lion and installed MacRuby 0.10. And I also have XCode 4.3.1 installed and when I try to open up the XCode project it can't find the MacRuby.framework anywhere. Any ideas about this?

Jarc (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: First Cocoa example doesn't run for me
Bill, I copied your code and it worked fine for me. However, there is a lot of code missing in your example, so I suspect that the issue is further down in your code.

Also, Apple recently moved Xcode from /Developer to /Applications. Unfortunately, this probably broke MacRuby, so until MacRuby is updated to install using the new location, Xcode and MacRuby will be broken. smilie

I saw one suggestion to create a symlink, but that didn't work--at least not for me.