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As of March 1st the Activiti v.5.9. was released , which is a big leap introducing according to

Release Notes - Activiti - Version 5.9

Support for Exclusive Jobs and Plugability of the Job Executor Infrastructure
Persistent event subscriptions (infrastructure)
Intermediate signal throw / catch
Event based gateway
BPMN transaction (cancel end event & cancel boundary event)
BPMN compensation (compensation catch & compensation throw)
Interrupting error event subprocesses
(Multiple) message start events

It will be nice if the readers take advantage of some examples provided by the author in regards of the above. Any thoughts?

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Re: Will Activiti 5.9 features make it into the book?

I'll make sure that all examples work with Activiti 5.9
From a functionality perspective there are a couple of even types supported with this release but no major changes.
So what I want to do is publish examples of the new functionality to the website. And I'll keep doing this when new versions of Activiti arrive. Do you think this will be a good approach?

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