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I have installed postgresl for windows and also installed postgis 1.5.3
Starting the tool pgAdmin III I missed the all plugins.
copying the file settings.ini from the subfolder pgadmin III to postgresqlin
did enable the postgis shapefile + dbf loader-plugin, but:
I am still missing the plugin PSQL Console (see figure 1.5 in the book), how
can I enable this plugin ??
thank you very much

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Re: pgAdmin plugin: PSQL Console
For 9.1.2 (pgAdmin 1.14) they change the architecture a bit. I htink you are better off using the new way and I think they forgot to include psql plugin settings for some reason.

Which we describe here:

In the plugins.d zip file we have here -- we have the settings for psql.ini.

Varies a bit depending on OS so you might need to tweak a bit. Anyrate on windows -- it looks for the folder plugins.d in pgAdmin III folder of 9.1 install. Not sure where it would be for other OS.
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Re: pgAdmin plugin: PSQL Console
Thank you very much for your kind support!