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woko (1) [Avatar] Offline
I have created the table on page 158:

treatment <- rep(c("Placebo", "Treated"smilie, each=6)
improved <- rep(c("None", "Some", "Marked"smilie, times=2,each=2)
sex <-rep(c("female","male"smilie,times=6)
Freq <- c(19,10,7,0,6,1,6,7,5,2,16,5)
mytable <-, improved,sex, Freq))

When I now use the table2flat function, I get a data frame mydata with 69 observations (rows). But I would expect 84 cases (rows). When I try the same with the data in table 7.2, I get 20 rows in mydata. Also here I would expect 84 rows.

Consequently I get different statistics from page 157 (bottom) when I use the assocstats(mytable) function:
mytable2 <-xtabs(~treatment+improved, data=mytable)

X^2 df P(> X^2)
Likelihood Ratio 1.2900 2 0.52467
Pearson 1.2749 2 0.52864

Phi-Coefficient : 0.136
Contingency Coeff.: 0.135
Cramer's V : 0.136

Is there a mistake in my thinking? Do I something wrong?