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[Originally posted by ginanguyen]


I have two small input files about 200 Kbytes each. The files contain various
columns but the same number of rows. The columns are separated from one
another by absolutely one space. I need to merge some columns of one file to
those of the other (rows are correspondent) using "shelve":

import fileinput
import shelve
import string

def mkRexShel():
File1 = open("file1.txt", 'r')
File2 = open("file2.txt", 'r')
flSh ="flShelve")

# 1. from the Beam Proc header file
Line1 = File1.readline()
Line2 = File2.readline()
while (xLine != "
" or xLine != "") and (rLine != "
" or rLine != "") :
string.replace(Line1, "
", "")
string.replace(Line2, "
", "")
Ln1 = string.split(Line1, ' ')
Ln2 = string.split(Line2, ' ')

if len(Ln1) > 1 and len(Ln2) > 1 :
xStr = Ln1[1] + Ln1[2] + Ln1[3]
rStr = Ln2[1] + Ln2[2] + Ln2[3]
if xStr == rStr :
del Ln2[0:3]
flSh[xStr] = Ln1

Line1 = File1.readline()
Line2 = File2.readline()


When I execute this little script using "mkRexShel()". It's hung! What are
wrong with my script? Thanks.
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Re: Hang in file processing
[Originally posted by ginanguyen]

Actually, I have found out that Python does not like
my while statement:

while (<comparison> or <comparison>smilie
and (<comparison> or <comparison>smilie :

Because if I took the parantheses out and reduce my
condition to

while <condition> and <condition> :

It works fine. Do you know why? Thanks.