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[Originally posted by iri]

I had a program running properly in Pythonwin (build 125) (I think it is
that; in fact I have this first version installed in the PC from before I
started this job... so I'n not really sure)
The problem has come when I tried to run that program in another PC in
which I installed the Python-2.2.1c2.exe
Is the following (I attach the part of the program that causes the
problem; I make comments "on line"):

## I read from a postscript file

## That file contains different documents separated with the string

## I want to comment the line starting with /SCS / of the postscript
file I'm working with so I separate DOCUMENTS in two parts, the previous of
that line and the next of that line, that is PROLOGPRE and IN MY OLD VERSION
PROLOGPRE=string.split(DOCUMENTS[0],'/SCS /')

## Now I make the join of those parts and the commented line

and.......... in the new version..... it appears the following error:

IndexError: list index out of range

I watched what was inside PROLOGPRE[0] and was the expected part of
DOCUMENTS[0]. Watched PROLOGPRE[1] and...... it wasn't the rest of
DOCUMENTS[0] (excepting the line of /SCS /)!!!!! ¿¿??

Can the changeing of a version make the old program don't work?
Thank you very much for any help,