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Thanks for the book ! It is an awesome book, perfect to get up and started.
I am working other the different tutorials, and for now everything works well, although i cant find a way to display queries written in PostGIS directly into OpenJump.
So, every time I want to visualize the results of a query in OpenJump, I need to retype (and adapt) the query in OpenJump. Is that normal, or am I missing something ?
By the way, I am still running on 8.4/1.4 (My apologizes :p), I went over the tutorial of Paolo Corti and couldn't do any upgrade, it seems i am missing the script for it).
One last thing, I just started this job, and I need to work on trajectory storage and analysis, may be you guys know some good references on that subject.

Thanks again for your book, it is really great

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