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On page 41 of the second edition you have the following statement:

j is of course standard engineering notation for the imaginary number equal to the square root of -1

This is not standard engineering notation. See the wikipedia article

It's only in electrical engineering that j is used instead of i to avoid confusion with I which refers to electrical current (per the wikipedia article).

So why does python use this non standard format?

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Re: Complex Numbers notation
Hi Paolo,

I'm not certain I can answer your question, but I have a couple of ideas. First of all, the phrase you mention is from the first edition, and while it didn't seem odd to me, I also can't say why they chose to say it that way in the first edition. However, my guess is that Python was implemented by people with more familiarity with electrical engineering than any other type of engineering. Also, in programming i could be confused as indicating an integer, and i is also quite often used as a loop counter variable name in C, so could have caused confusion that way as well.

So I don't have any great answers for you, but I thank you for reading closely enough to raise the question!

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