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Hey mark,
your book is amazing and i'm just on the middle of it and i can already see how it's going to affect any aspect of the way i'm programming

a small thing that popped into my mind was in the Control Freak section where you mention that a good way to know you're a control freak is by using the 'new' keyword all over.

the question is what about calls to singletons & static methods ? they're a direct dependencies as well, aren't they?
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Re: Control Freak updating suggestion
Good observation. I didn't talk too much about the use of shared (static) state in the Control Freak anti-pattern, as the main goal of that description was to describe how control must be inverted in order to achieve loose coupling.

However, it's completely correct that anything that relies on shared state (such as Singletons) automatically tightly couples consumer and dependency.

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Re: Control Freak updating suggestion
maybe in the next edition smilie ?

anyways thanks for the great book