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"By taking a Member parameter,
the submitted form data will be automatically bound to a Member bean, the bean will be
placed on the model as an attribute under its generated name (member) and the bean will be
passed into the method itself."

I know what form data are. Is "By taking a Member parameter" a dangling modifier? The way the sentence reads, it sounds like form data accept a parameter, which doesn't make sense.
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Re: p. 72
The context and what is taking the Member parameter is of course quite clear from the sentence before: "We include an annotation marking it as such [#4], and then we have a method signature that takes a Member and returns a String [#5]. Once again, the signature we use is dependent o…" and also from reading the referred source on page 73 where the section 3.3.2 Adding a controller begins.

However, the text should be able to stand on its own and just naming the method name here would improve the readability. Even better would be to rewrite this whole sentence, like you hint.