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jeroend (23) [Avatar] Offline
I'm really learning something about Javascript with this almost academic book while trying to apply all its knowledge to my own project.
As a Java developer I'm very much interested in Javascripts' inheritance and hence my close study of chapter 5. The possibility to mimic inheritance with properties as explained in 5.4 is quite compelling. But to my great surprise I also found out that:

Ninja.prototype = new Person();

does not only make Ninja inherit person's prototyped functions but also person's properties:

function Person(){ this.danced = 0;}; = function(){ this.danced++;};
function Ninja(){}
Ninja.prototype = new Person();
var ninja = new Ninja();;
assert(ninja.danced == 1);

I think that this feature is too nice not to mention, unless I'm missing some very obvious nasty side effects.
jeroend (23) [Avatar] Offline
Re: 5.4 Achieving inheritance with prototypes
apparently this works when properties are simple javascript types.
bear.bibeault (675) [Avatar] Offline
Re: 5.4 Achieving inheritance with prototypes
Naturally, any code in the constructor function will be executed.