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anyoneis (5) [Avatar] Offline
1) Listing 7.11 does not match the figure. The Background property of the first splitter now defaults to "White," so it is not visible unless you select it, in which case it is blue.

Is this possibly a change with SL4? I only see a visible indication of a splitter if I hover over it - getting the double ended stretch symbol.

2) ClickCount on page 206 - it would be nice if this sentence was reworded to indicate that ClickCount is new with SilverLight 5. (I wasted a fair amount of time looking for it in a project at SL4.)

3) Section 10. The heritage of Silverlight text is more amd more old news these days. I would have preferred a briefer brief on that and to see an example of dynmamically sized text (ViewBox?). That said, this seems to be a very thorough coverage of Text!

4) chapter 8 - WrapPanel example. I have already wasted over an hour trying to figure out how to get this control into my project. It seems like this would be a good place for a worked out example of including items form the toolkit. I suspect there is a way to use NuGet, but I can't seem to get it to work.
UPATE: I finally found the WrapPanel in the Toolbox. There order of things makes it hard to find.

5) Table 12.1:

"Padding - The amount of space to reserve between the control’s exterior and interior"

This definition does not account for the border. I think the MSDN verbiage, "between the content boundary and the content" is better.

6) 12.4.1 "An example of this scrolling feature as well as the syntax of a ListBox is shown in listing 12.6."

The listing in 12.6 has no height attribute, so there is no scrollbar. Scrolling is shown in 12.7.

7) The text after 12.9 should reference the "sdk namespace" rather than "ext namespace" in:
"we’ve shown the entire page’s XAML to demonstrate the use of the ext namespace."