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1st remark :
The sample you give does not work if the script element is put inside the <head> element.

2nd remark :
the sample code :
<<var appendTo = document.getElementById('stork-widget'); >
appendTo.parentNode.insertBefore(div, appendTo);>>

looks weird to me and is not coherent with the sample given in 2.2.1 :
<<But you can always ask publishers to >
identify the target render location separately using a uniquely identified element:
<div id="camerastork-widget"/>

Hello, world

<script >
In this example, when widget.js loads, it will render the product widget and
append it to the < element div> with id="camerastork-widget".>>

3rd remark :
Listing 3.1 is not coherent with Listing 2.1 on the value for script.src (script.src should always be cross domain ?)

Best regards
Henri d'Orgeval
benvinegar (68) [Avatar] Offline
Re: 3.1.2 Appending to a known location
Another late reply.

I only noticed now that the script URLs somehow became relative instead of absolute. No idea how this happened – huge oversight. I've remedied it in the current draft.