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Some remarks about this chapter :

It is not clear why third-party application running in browsers should be or can only be written in Javascript.

third-party Javascript is not a well suited title for this kind of subject.
I will suggest this title : Design Guide for building JavaScript Services API

1.1 Defining Third-party JavaScript
the begining of this paragraph is confusing. the term first party and then second party and then third-parties is a true upset.
I suggest to completely remove the lines (because it makes the reader feels he or she is completly stupid):

"In a typical software exchange, there are two parties. There is the consumer, or first
party, who is operating the software. The second party is the provider or author of
that software.
On the web, you might think of the first party as a user who is operating a web
browser. When he or she visits a web page, the browser makes a request from a
content provider. That provider, the second party, transmits the web page’s HTML,
images, stylesheets, and scripts from their servers back to the user’s web browser.
For a particularly simple web exchange like this one, there might only be two
parties. "

the phrase :
But most website providers today also include content from other sources,
or third parties.
Should be written as :
Most modern Web Sites include content coming from external services (third-parties).

Figure 1.1:
This figure is great but not concrete enough : each legend should be related with the corresponding javascript element coming from the Web source page.

best regards
Henri d'Orgeval
benvinegar (68) [Avatar] Offline
Re: About Chapter 1
Hi Henri,

The title of the book has been an object of much debate and consternation. We've juggled a handful of names before settling on "Third-party JavaScript".

Regarding your suggestion, I think that "JavaScript Services API" is misleading because most of the book actually deals very little with APIs or library development (though there is a chapter dedicated to that, still unreleased).

It's tough because this is a book that touches on a number of technologies, including CSS, HTML, some server-side code, and so on. But I think it's still correctly classified as a JavaScript book. I'm not sure that we'll find a name that suits everybody.