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Hello, readers!

We're wondering whether the book needs more examples, whether certain explanations are clear, and whether more technical background would be useful to you.

Here are our questions:


1. Does this chapter make it clear to you how all the pieces of the system the authors are talking about fit together: the two hosts, the two sources of JavaScript and HTML, the browser, and the interactions and sequences of events that occur among those parts? If not, what is unclear?

From CHAPTER 4 (or CHAPTER 3 if you're looking at the last MEAP version; the next release should reach you between 12/9 and 12/12/2011)

2. After reading this chapter, what new insights and clarity did you gain about cross-domain communication?

3. What ideas did you get about how to implement cross-domain communication after reading this chapter?

4. One internal technical reviewer here at Manning felt that you would benefit if the authors discussed HTTP APIs in more detail, and if they elaborated on the “special endpoints” mentioned in this chapter. What do you think about that assessment—valid, invalid, something in between?

Thanks very much -- I hope you'll help us out!

Renae Gregoire
Development Editor
Manning Publications

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Re: Readers -- can you help us out by answering four questions?
Hello Renae,
I would be happy to help answering your questions, but I think a key point is missing: You are asking people who have paid for the book to be technical reviewers for free.

What I suggest is the following : Manning should setup a REVIEWERS enrollment program amoung current customers. Reviewer Enrollment would be free of charge for the reviewer. Reviewer will be associated with one MEAP book (of its choice) at a time and MUST accurately review each chapter. REVIEWER Enrollment program would last and would be scoped for one and only one MEAP book.

I would be glad to be technical reviewer for this MEAP BOOK to answer your questions.

Best regards.
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Re: Readers -- can you help us out by answering four questions?
Hi Henri,

We've got a number of technical reviewers that go through the book in detail. If you're interested in joining them, I can look into making that happen.