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page 26, section 2.2
The sentence that starts with "However, if you do not..." isn't a complete sentence.

page 34, section 2.3.2
In sentence, "To construct the foundation of our code..." there's something wrong. I think the word "out" immediately after "directories layout" should be removed.

page 35, section 2.3.2
In sentence "The three directories are going to be used...", you want a comma after "application's controllers".

page 58
In sentence that begins "One thing that might not be immediately apparently" should be "...might not be immediately apparent..."
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Re: Some typos, etc
Additional typos...

page 96, section 4.1.1
Second paragraph that begins "Extending Container means that Panel brings leverages the power...". Doesn't quite make sense. Perhaps "brings" or "leverages" should be deleted?

Two sentences further... you have "... does all of this this in an ..." (two 'this's).

Next paragraph, second sentence that starts with "Recall our discussion in Chapter 3...", the last word in that sentence, "Panel", should probably use the Courier font you are using for proper nouns.

section 4.1.2
First sentence also uses "Panel" not with Courier font.

page 101, section 4.1.3
Second sentence: "Recall that Panel extends Contain,...", I think you want "Container", not "Contain".
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Re: Some typos, etc
Yet more typos, etc...

page 103
Your URL referenced example at
doesn't exist.

page 119
The sentence after "A little known fact..." begins "The access the rest...". It should be "To access the rest...".

Question/Request (page 119): It would be nice to have a way to view all of the over 330 icons available. Either via some utility or just as an appendix item.

page 121
The referenced URL has "stia" instead of "". Nevertheless, the URL doesn't work.