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Hi there,

With all the goings on with Flash Mobile and the flex open sourcing "drama", do you believe that flex is still the right platform for future mobile development?

Maybe not the right forum, but as an author of such a book, i think you would have valuable insight.

Perhaps it would be good to include these opinions in your foreword or preface?


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Re: Flex and Mobile

This is a great question. I've been toying with the idea of adding some information into the book but on the other hand I think that the issue will be in the past by the time we get to print. By addressing the issue will just confuse those that don't see the issue.

On the other hand I do think that flex is still the correct platform for future mobile development. So let's address it now.

What we are covering in the book isn't effected by the Flash Mobile announcements as our applications run on the AIR runtime rather than in the browser. As someone close to Adobe I understand the use level of Flash Player in the mobile browser and can support their decision.

When it comes to the Flex going open source this is actually a gift and blessing. With the announcement of Flash Mobile people were already skittish. Then the announcement Flex after the announcement of Flash Mobile really freaked people out. As not only an active member of the community but a board member of the Spoon project I can tell you that we had been working very closely with the Flex team and this was something extremely positive for the community. Furthermore Adobe has pledged lots of support and is open sourcing many projects that the community has been dying to get their hands on.

I could keep going on and on but I feel you can see my thoughts. I believe if it weren't for some botched communication and bad timing this gift would have been celebrated and cheered.

Feel free to ask questions. I can tell you that on a daily basis the Spoon board and officers are working with the Flex team and prepping for new future versions of Flex and further releases with community input and support.

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Re: Flex and Mobile

I toss in my 2 cents.

Making websites optimized for handheld devices is affected with the decision: flash movies should not be part of it, and it will be HTML(5)-CSS-Javascript combo - the "traditional" webdesign tools in a modern way.

Making applications for handheld devices (apps) is not affected because, like Jonathan wrote, they are based upon AIR platform.

See also Lee Brimelow:

The reason I want to learn Flex for mobile is that we just started to look at mobile applications (maybe websites), and Flex is a great tool for it, hopefully in near future in combination with Flash Catalyst. We are confident that we can do business with Flex technology for the next 3 - 5 years.

PS. technology will always changed, there is no golden hammer.