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Hello readers.

I've just spent the evening debugging the roo add-ons for coffeescript and jqueryui. They were broken by recent updates to the Roo add-on system.

Some refactoring has been going on in there. For example, the new module system adds a focus to things, such as getFocusedModule(), in various methods. Also, they've extracted the project object model as a getPom(), so that I needed to get the pom to get the packaging type (to see whether something was a war rather than just a jar or pom).

Those things are good, but they break the add-ons. So, I've updated the code to function in the git repository. Next I'll be updating the manuscript for a future MEAP update.

Remember, the up-to-date Roo samples are now here:

(and as I mentioned earlier, chapters 1 and 2 are fully debugged, now so are 13 and 14, and I'm taking the help from others who did testing and updating more chapters this week)

Now as I'm in Dallas, TX for a week teaching, I'm a gonna go find me some Barbecue...