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peterbwest (41) [Avatar] Offline
2.3 If a reader is following the text with an open scala interpreter, he will have to change the variable names given in the examples. For example, the val newList is defined differently twice within the space of a few lines. It would help if the reader is able simply to type these examples in as he goes.

2.4 The example, although accurate, is very confusing.

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nraychaudhuri (19) [Avatar] Offline
Re: 2.3 Working with Array and List and 2.4 Controlling flow...
Actually you can redefine val multiple times inside interpreter. For example the following example should work fine:

scala> val oldList = List(1, 2)
oldList: List[Int] = List(1, 2)

scala> val newList = 3 :: oldList
newList: List[Int] = List(3, 1, 2)

scala> val myList = "This" :: "is" :: "immutable" :: Nil
myList: List[java.lang.String] = List(This, is, immutable)

Let me know if this is still confusing.