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[Originally posted by jjcc]

The book (and also python)is excellent.

It's a pity that the support to database is not comparable to perl , which
uses DBI/DBD modual.

Or if I'm ignorant about the development of python? Database is critical for
many web projects. There would be more perl mongers use python if database
functions are similar to perl
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Re: Info about database
[Originally posted by daryl harms]

Hi Jian,

It is true that the support for database programming in Python is not as
comprehensive as for Perl. However, there are third-party modules available
for it.

There are some older modules, but for new work you would probably want to look
at ones that support the Python DB-API. The following article, which gives a
short introduction to this API, is a good place to start:

At the bottom it directs you to the Python DB-SIG (Database Special Interest

Here, you will find an archive of the mailing list for this group as well as a
link titled "Database Topic Guide". It will load up a page where you will able
to access the full documentation on the API as well as download any of the
various modules that are available. The issue is figuring out which one to
use. There are modules for specific commercial databases (i.e. Oracle,
Informix, Sybase), for public domain database packages, and for the generic
ODBC standard. Being third-party contributions, the licensing and maturity of
these vary and whether one of them will suit you will of course depend on your