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Export data to Excel => PrintArea
Hello everybody

I have a lotusscript question and somebody recomended me this forum. Hopefully someone can help me...

I need to export some data to excel. The exported excel file is build with html tags, like this:

Print{<td class=tdheader width="200">Phase</td>}
Print{<td class=tdheader width="60">%</td>}
Print{<td class=tdheader width="100">Start Budget</td>}
Print{<td class=tdheader width="100">Cumul</td>}

It has 16 columns. The export works fine but when I want to print it, the last column is cut of. Is there a way to configure the PrintArea so that it contains all columns without setting it up manually?

Here's the XML that's inside the <head> tag of the html:

<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <br /> <x:ExcelWorkbook> <br /> <x:ExcelWorksheets> <br /> <x:ExcelWorksheet> <br /> <x:Name>Workload | + Format(Now,"DD-MM") + |</x:Name> <br /> <x:WorksheetOptions> <br /> <xsmilieageSetup> <br /> <x:Layout x:Orientation="Landscape"/> <br /> <x:Header x:Margin="0.3"/> <br /> <x:Footer x:Margin="0.3"/> <br /> <xsmilieageMargins x:Bottom="0.75" x:Left="0.7" x:Right="0.7" x:Top="0.75"/> <br /> </xsmilieageSetup> <br /> <x:Gridlines /> <br /> <xsmilierint> <br /> <x:ValidPrinterInfo/> <br /> <xsmilieaperSizeIndex>8</xsmilieaperSizeIndex> <br /> <x:Gridlines/> <br /> </xsmilierint> <br /> </x:WorksheetOptions> <br /> </x:ExcelWorksheet> <br /> </x:ExcelWorksheets> <br /> </x:ExcelWorkbook> <br /> </xml><![endif]-->|