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gomez (3) [Avatar] Offline
p. 54, Chap 3

(code,level,lat,lng) = url.toURL().text.split(',')

I am familiar with this notation from Perl days, so I marked it in an early draft. Today, I had an excuse to use it for a little project and got nothing but syntax errors. Groovy hates the paren notation for lists. I got past it with a less elegant looking code.

Just curious, but does Groovy no longer compile this code?
kenneth.kousen (57) [Avatar] Offline
Re: List operation syntax question
The "multi-return" syntax was added in Groovy 1.6, and should still work. I'll check it out, but the only change I would probably make is to add "def" in front of the parentheses.

What error did you get?
gomez (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: List operation syntax question
(date, open, high, low, close, vol) = line.toString().split(',')

---it complains at the first comma in the line above.

expecting ')', found ',' @ line 13, column 17.
gomez (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: List operation syntax question
OK. Upon looking more closely at your comments, the tip about Groovy 1.6 and the "multi-return" syntax was useful.

Lots of distributions such as MyEclipse have the Groovy Plugin already installed. However, the typical level is just below what you mentioned. I installed the Groovy 1.8, and the syntax issues go away.

I also note that you have the def in from of the parens on page 63. You might want to make the earlier reference consistent.

Very subtle issue going on here. I fell into the trap of thinking it was like Perl with lists---which uses parens instead of brackets for list notation---when, in reality, the notation as you use it here revolves around the def/return.

Thanks for your help.
kenneth.kousen (57) [Avatar] Offline
Re: List operation syntax question
Now that I recall, that was a 1.8 addition. Ironically, since Google stopped supporting the csv output in their geocoder, I don't use it very often any more.

The def keyword in front is required if you're not in a script. In a script, undefined variables are accessible from the caller through the binding. I cover all that in the integration chapter.

Obviously I need to add more about it at that point, though.

Thanks for the info about the Perl conventions. I'm afraid that to me, Perl is still write-only code. smilie